Middle Eastern Portrait Art

By Egyptian Portrait Artist Khalda Hamouda

Portrait painting A Poor Girl

A Poor Girl portrait oil painting

  Style :Portrait Painting
  Size : 100 x 81 cm
  Year : 2013 - 19
  Medium : Oil on canvas
  Serial code : 10
  Artist : Khalda Hamouda
  Original single piece
  Signed : yes

This portrait was started the year 2013, it shows a poor girl in the street. I asked her mother to give me permission to take some photos for her daughter for some few pounds and she agreed. When I finished the photos and gave the mother the money the girl asked me to give her too something, I gave her one pound. I kept working in the painting but it took a long time for me to reach a correct expression of the girl's face.

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Middle Eastern portrait painting A poor girl.